Israel injures thousands of Palestinians in October, Red Cross says

Tehran, November 2, The Iran Project – The Palestinian Red Cross said the Israeli regime has wounded at least 2,617 with live and rubber bullet weapons in a single month of October.

The humanitarian organization’s spokesman told to a Palestinian resource on Sunday that out of this number, some 760 were injured by live fire and further 1857 have been shot by rubber bullets. The official also added that another 5,399 were also exposed to the tear gas inhalation and some 246 have been wounded in other ways including beating, while the number of death in the same period is nearly 70.

In the latest development in the Palestinian occupied territory on Monday, a Palestinian teenager was killed and another was detained in Jenin over the claim of attempt to attack the Israeli soldiers. Another 18-year-old Palestinian also was shot dead for the same allegation in Jenin on Saturday.

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers continue to demolish Palestinian homes. On Monday, the locals said the Israeli forces raided a house with the excuse of lacking building permits, demolishing the house and forcing the residence out at gunpoint.

Israeli forces also returned the bodies of two Palestinian youths to hundreds of Palestinians who were waiting to receive them in East al-Quds. They were shot dead by the Israeli regime after they allegedly attempted to stab Israeli border police earlier.

The recent move came after the Israeli cabinet decided to not return the bodies of Palestinian who were killed by fire after their alleged attacks. This decision by the Israeli authorities was made to prevent any further protest accompanying the funeral processions of martyred Palestinians.

Three Israeli police borders also were injured after a Palestinian rammed his car into the officers on Sunday afternoon in al-Khalil. Another Palestinian also was shot dead after an alleged stabbing attempt on Sunday in the same area. A paramedic at the scene told the Palestinian Maan that the Israeli soldiers prevented him from examining the injured Palestinian man. The death of this Palestinian brings the total death in October to 70.

Al-Khalil also witnessed the funeral procession of two Palestinian martyrs on Sunday. According to the Palestinian resources, thousands of Palestinian took to the streets of al-Khalil to protest against the Israel crimes in Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile, during multiple raids by the Israeli regime in Palestinian houses in East-al Quds at least 8 Palestinians including 7 teenagers were detained. A human rights lawyer told the news to Maan News Agency, adding that there were mostly between 16-18.

On overnight Sunday, the Palestinian village mayor and his son were arrested by the Israeli security forces. The arrest took place after the Israeli vehicle raid to Qusra village in the south of Nablus.