Germany lauds Iran’s attendance at Syria talks as ‘major progress’

Berlin, Nov 2, IRNA — Germany hailed Iran’s participation at the recent Syrian talks in Vienna as ‘major progress,’ a foreign ministry spokeswoman told media representatives in Berlin on Monday.

Asked by IRNA to assess Iran’s role at the Syrian negotiation table in the Austrian capital, Sawsan Chebli said the fact that all major players,
including Iran, were at negotiation table should be viewed as ‘major progress.’

We have stated for quite some time that Iran and Saudi Arabia should join the Syria talks and it is a ‘major progress’ that we succceeded in doing so, she said.

Chebli pointed out that all sides in the Vienna talks were ‘negotiating seriously and constructive.’

She stressed though there was ‘still a long way’ to end the Syrian war. We are under no illusion that this conflict can be stopped over the
next weeks. There may be justified hope for entering into a dialogue for a political solution of the Syrian conflict, however there are still
a few tough issues to be dealt with, Chebli went on to say.

The German diplomat said it was important to note that all parties in Syrian conflict have agreed at the Vienna talks the need to preserve
Syria’s territorial integrity and unity.