Iran, Turkey to enlarge preferential tariffs list

TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) – Announcing modifications in Iran-Turkey preferential tariffs agreement, Iran’s commercial attaché in Turkey said the list will cover a larger number of goods.

On the sidelines of the fifth meeting of Iranian commercial attaches, Hamid Zadboom told the reporters: “list of preferential tariffs between Iran and Turkey will be revised and more commodities will be added to the list; meanwhile, we will strengthen Iranian exporters and assess capabilities and capacities of Iran’s export to Turkey in order to reach a positive trade balance in the relations between the two countries.”

“The goal is to increase the presence of Iranian exporters in the Turkish market,” said Zadboom adding, “currently, the trade balance between Iran and Turkey, including oil and gas, is positive in favor of Iran and by the removal of banking systems in two months, Turkey will be a good destination for Iranian exporters helping Iran’s non-oil trade with turkey to become positive.”

He asserted that market studies are underway while petrochemicals, building materials and agricultural products can win a good share in Turkish market; “accordingly, Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization will provide exports with useful information,” the official noted.

“A total of 256 items are covered by the preferential tariffs list between Iran and Turkey with a monthly value of 50 to 60 million dollars marking less than 10 per cent of trade between the two countries,” explained Zadboom.

He further referred to the objections to the list made by the Turkish side since Iran is exporting agricultural products as part of the preferential tariffs list; “we are planning to increase the number of items covered by the list to the benefit of producers and exporters,” he underlined.

“Each year, 15 to 25 items are added to the list and the next increase will take place during the upcoming negotiations next month in Turkey,” Zadboom concluded.

By Mehr News Agency