No power in the world can stop Palestinians Intifada: Haniyeh

Tehran, October 26, The Iran Project – Palestinian and Israeli sources say dozens of Palestinians have been detained across the West Bank overnight Sunday, as the tensions escalated in the Palestinian occupied territories.

They have raided the village of Beita near Nablus and detained a Palestinian on Sunday. The Palestinian sources say a-26-year-old Palestinian youth was arrested by the Israel soldiers over the claim of involvement in the attack to the Israeli settlers earlier in the day.

A Palestinian was also shot dead by an Israeli soldier gun fire in al-Khalil on Monday, while the Israeli army alleged that the Palestinian young man stabbed a 19-year-old Israeli settler in north of the city.

Israel Public Radio also announced that an Israeli border police was injured during an arrest raid by an explosive device in East al-Quds.

On early Sunday a Palestinian youth was shot and critically wounded by an Israeli settler in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian security sources seven other Palestinians also were injured with the Israeli fire some moments later. The Israeli witnesses alleged that they attempted to stab the Israeli settlers.

Meanwhile, Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas senior leader once again voiced support of the al-Quds intifada, reiterating that no one be able to stop the movement in the world.

Speaking at a demonstration in Beirut on Sunday, Hanyieh also added that “we are ready for political and popular unity at all levels and willing to agree on a united national strategy to protect the intifada, regain Palestinians’ rights, and adhere to the inalienable nationalistic principles.”

Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) also has demanded Arab countries to stop the Tel Aviv regime’s violence. He made the remarks at a press conference in the Egyptian capital on Sunday, stressing the Palestinians’ need to international protection against the Israel aggression.