Iran leader’s JCPOA endorsement letter in Media spotlight

Tehran, October 26, The Iran Project – Iran’s Supreme leader’s approval letter on JCPOA to President Hassan Rouhani and his guidelines and observations to implement it has widely generated reactions in international media in recent days.

The Guardian newspaper primarily noted the Iran’s leader qualified approval of the accord between Iran and the world powers, explaining the Islamic republic Leader’s conditions as “problematic”. Guardian particularly highlighted Ayatollah Khamenei’s caveat that sanctions or threat of sanctions from the West may be ground for Iran to walk away from the deal.

The New York Times referred to several structural ambiguities and weaknesses that the Iran’s leader has pointed out, underlining his emphasis on the close supervision of the agreement. The media further noted the leader’s demand of more guarantees in writing that the sanctions will be completely canceled by West.

In its reporting on the letter, Jerusalem Post also quoted part of the leader observation as saying that “Any action regarding Arak (reactor) and dispatching uranium abroad … will take place after the PMD (possible military dimensions) file is closed.” Elsewhere in the news, the media noted the Iran’s strong denial of any engagement in developing nuclear program.

The leader’ alarm that Iran government should remain vigilant is largely what has drawn Haaretz attention. It also reflected the country’ distrust of US and the bans of further talks with US reiterated by Ayatollah Khamenei.

Associated Press underlined the President Rouhani’s letter addressed supreme leader that the concerns voiced by him will be put into practice. The president’s expressing confidence that the government will ensure other parties’ fulfillment of obligations is also noted by the media.

France24 particularly referred the leaders’ stipulations that the ambiguities in the agreement must be tightly controlled.

In its reporting on the letter, Sputnik also highlighted Ayatollah Khamenei’s voice of support, adding his stress that the Western side should clearly indicate the readiness to lift the sanctions.

Russia Today also wrote about Iran leader’s order to implement the deal and his reiteration that keeping sanctions in place would violate the agreement and they should clearly indicate the readiness to lift the sanctions

In sum, the leader’s endorsement as a crucial step in the way of the implementation, his call for the tight supervision of JCPOA obligations, warning to West over sanctions relief and the ambiguities and weaknesses existing in the agreement terms are significantly reflected by the world media.