Ex-Canadian premier stresses reopening embassy in Iran

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien said that the country should reopen its embassy in Tehran.

Chretien encouraged Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau to re-open Canada’s embassy in Iran. The Conservative government severed ties with the Islamic Republic in 2012.

He said Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau must “talk to everybody and offer a solution” when dealing with other international leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chretien, who was a member of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s cabinet, told CTV’s Question Period that the younger Trudeau should take after his father’s approach to dealing with world leaders.

“Mr. (Pierre Elliott) Trudeau could talk to anybody because he kept his independence … The Americans did not like the fact that he was friendly with Fidel Castro,” said Chretien. “Talk to everybody and try to offer a solution.

More generally speaking, Chretien advised Trudeau to remember Canada’s place in the world when dealing with international partners.

“Canada is a big country but we are not the biggest.”