Putin: US deceived Russia, entire world speaking of Iran’s nuclear threat

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is convinced the United States deceived the Russian Federation and the entire world speaking of Iran’s alleged nuclear threat.

“The first tests of US missile defense in Europe have been conducted. What does that mean? It means that when we were arguing with our American partners, we were right,” Putin said on Thursday.

“These were regular attempts to mislead us and the entire world, or, in simper terms, to deceive us,” he said at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russia-based TASS reported.

“The issue is not about a hypothetical nuclear threat, which never existed, the issue is about an attempt to destroy the strategic balance, change the balance of forces in its favor so as to not only dominate but also be able to dictate its will to everyone – its geopolitical rivals ad allies as well,” he added.

“It’s an extremely dangerous scenario of events, harmful to everyone, including, in my view, the United States itself,” the Russian leader said. He explained that “the deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to devaluate; some even had the illusion that in the global conflict, a real victory of one of the sides is achievable again without irreversible, unacceptable, as specialists say, consequences for the winner, if there is one.”

Putin underscored that “the threshold of the use of force has clearly gone down over the past 25 years.”

Western powers led by the United States accuse Tehran of trying to create nuclear weapons, while Iran says it needs nuclear power to generate electricity.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that forming economic blocs through establishing dominance of the strongest players will not make the world a safer place to live.

“The process of forming these structures [economic blocs] is ongoing nearly to the rules of conspiration,” Putin said at the session of the Valdai International Discussion Club. “Forming economic blocs by imposing conditions by the strongest player will not make the world safer, of course,” Putin said.

According to the Russian president, countries declaring trade wars to suit their petty economic interests treat others like vassals, not equals.

“Let me ask if this is a true way to treat allies,” he said. “No, that’s a way to treat the vassals who have dared to act of their own accord and are hence getting punishment for misbehavior,” he said.

By Tasnim News Agency