Khoshrou: Israel main source of instability in region

New York, Oct 22, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Gholam Ali Khoshrou underlined that Israel is the main source of instability in the region, and called for putting an end to the Zionist regime’s occupation.

‘The Zionists are main source of instability, anger and disappointment in the Middle East,’ Khoshrou said, addressing the UN Security Council on the situation in the Middle East on Thursday.

The Iranian envoy to the UN said that the time is now ripe for the world to put an end to the crimes and occupation of the Zionist regime.

Khoshrou, also speaking on behalf of the non-aligned movement (NAM) member-states, said that the NAM once again reiterates on its stance in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supporting their righteous and inalienable rights.

The Iranian ambassador also warned that the situation in the occupied terroritories, especially in Easter Beit-ul-Moqaddas is deteriorating and it is become alarming.