US to lose international trust because of ‘games’ with ISIL – Lawmaker

Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house of Russia’s parliament said that United States may lose the world’s trust because of its policy toward the Islamic State jihadist militant group.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United States may lose the world’s trust because of its policy toward the Islamic State (ISIL) jihadist militant group, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house of Russia’s parliament said on Thursday.

“The United States is experiencing a crisis of trust. After the incident with the test tube, half of the world stopped believing them. And after the games with ISIL, the second half will stop believing as well,” Alexei Pushkov said on Twitter.

In 2003, then US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, displayed before the UN Security Council a test tube alleged to contain Iraqi chemical weapon samples. Powell claimed the contents of the test tube were evidence proving the necessity of a military operation against Iraq. No chemical weapons were found at any time during or after the US invasion of Iraq.

The United States and its allies have been conducting airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria since 2014. The coalition gained the support of Iraqi authorities, but airstrikes in Syria have been carried out without coordination with Damascus or UN Security Council approval.

By Sputnik News