Italy takes the lead in promoting cultural ties

A working group chaired by the Italian deputy of cinematic affairs has been formed to hold talks with the Iranian delegation in the three areas of joint productions, cooperation in promoting the animation industry and sharing of experience through joint workshops, said Dario Franceschini, Italian Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, at a meeting with Iranian cinema officials in Rome on Monday.

The committee, including ministry officials and representatives of the association of films producers and agents from the private sector, will hold discussions with the Iranian delegation led by Hojatollah Ayoubi, head of Iran Cinema Organization (ICO).

Franceschini pointed out that the outcome of the working group will be presented to the culture ministers of Iran and Italy to help them facilitate cinematic cooperation in areas of mutual interest, IRNA reported.

Nicola Borelli, chairman of the directorate general for cinema referred to the new generation of Iranian filmmakers who have brought innovative ideas to their works, as a big advantage and said, “Iran cinema is well known in Italy and Italians have great respect for it.”

Reading a message from Ali Jannati, minister of culture and Islamic guidance, Ayoubi said the minister was ready “to take practical steps to implement decisions taken by the Iranian and Italian governments in cinema.”

He also pointed to Italy’s determination to cooperate with Iran in cultural issues in the post sanctions era and said the recent visits by Franceschini’s to Iran and Jannati’s to Italy reflect this desire.

 New Era
Ayoubi said President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Italy in mid-November and the recent trip by a large group of Italian businessmen to Tehran “is the beginning of a new era in relations between the two nations.”

“Cultural managers from both sides should also strive to consider issues regarding art and culture in enhancing relations,” he said, and hoped that “all economic contracts would come with cultural and artistic attachments.”

Ayoubi provided an account of the structure of the ICO, Iranian Young Cinema Society, Documentary and Experimental Film Center and other cinematic guilds as well as status of film production and home video entertainment in Iran.

MoUs will be signed between the two sides in the three areas of cooperation after they are finalized at a later meeting.

By Financial Tribune