Israeli regime faces Palestinian generation determined not to accept defeat: Abu Mojahed

Alwaght- Tel Aviv regime is confronted by a generation of Palestinian youths that would never surrender attempt to achieve dignity and glory, as it would never accept humiliation and submission, the spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance Committees, Mohamed al-Barim ( nicknamed Abu Mojahed), told Alwaght news website.

After the uprising (Intifada) of knives in Gaza Strip, West Bank and the 1946-War occupied Palestinian lands, the Israeli regime has found itself in front of an unmatched fierce war, Abu Mojahid said.

The spokesman has called the Palestinian fractions, including Hamas and Fatah, to put aside their political disputes and divides in order to help the stability and resistance of the Palestinian people to drive out the Israeli occupiers from the Palestinian land forever.

Read the full text of Alwaght’s exclusive interview with the spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance Committees, Mohamed al-Barim, translated from Arabic into English.

Alwaght: What is your take on the confrontation of the Israeli regime by the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank, and what does this uprising by the Palestinian young people against the Israeli occupiers mean?

Al-Barim: Today, our nation has superseded all the expectations by its sacrifices and creative performance, and as it was the case previously by our people who rose against the occupation’s oppressions, now the resistance has obviously sparked afresh in such an unprecedented way by our Palestinian young people, and it is the young people who are leading the Al-Quds’ Intifada with all available instruments and ways, sending a message to the world that Al-Quds ( Jerusalem) is a red line, and they are prepared to make sacrifices. And a life in which al-Aqsa Mosque is desecrated and the sanctity of the holy place is disrespected is valueless. Therefore, the Israeli occupation is in front of a generation that is determined not to give in or accept defeat, a generation unaffected by the divides of its leaders, as it seeks no political posts or slogans. It is a faithful generation that aims to bring forth dignity and glory to its nation and family, rejecting the humiliation and submission. Therefore, we are sure that the uprising has crossed the limitation lines and neither Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, nor anybody else can uproot it, because it was deep-rooted in this raging nation which wants to regain its freedom and land.

Alwaght: While the Israeli regime had been counting highly on the Palestinian Authority’s security cooperation to prevent the emergence of such a furious popular revolt against the occupation, what has led into this extensive popular uprising?

Al-Barim: Violating the values of our Palestinian people, the continuous sacrilegious assaults on the holy al-Aqsa mosque, and disrespecting its sanctity all the time, in addition to the Israeli regime and the settlers’ persistent humiliations, oppressions and abuses of the Palestinians in the West Bank have led into the outburst of such actions by the Palestinians who each of them, by his own way, has expressed his anger on the oppression against the nation. The Palestinian youth, using knifes, stones, slingshots and even guns, have started their uprising of dignity, the uprising of the holy al-Quds, the uprising against the Zionist oppression, abuse and tyranny. Consequently, the (Palestinian Authority-Israeli) security cooperation as well as Israeli calculations has gone ineffective in the face of the youth’s energy which has sunk the enemy’s calculations, leaving it shocked after it lost  its security everywhere in West Bank and the 1948-War occupied lands.

Alwaght: Where do you think the confrontations between the Palestinians and the Israeli regime are heading, and what would be its outcomes?

Al-Barim: The uprising, as a result of the distinctive moves taken by the uprising’s pure young people, who intimidated every Zionist household as well as the head of the settlers’ government (Benjamin Netanyahu), has spread the confrontations across the whole Palestinian territories, making the occupation regime struggle for existence. Consequently, Netanyahu said that they are in a real war situation. I think that the Intifada would end in our nation’s victory, as it is continuously expanding and enlarging because it is the revolt of a nation with all of its segments and spectrums are against the occupation, and we are at a historical juncture to sacrifice ourselves for our land, to defy the plans for partitioning al-Aqsa locationally and temporally, to say no to the occupation’s brutality and oppression, and to stop the settlement. Therefore, our uprising would continue until the occupation leaves our country forever.

Alwaght: What is your take on arming the Palestinians in the West Bank and the al-Quds, and what is the Muslim countries’ duty concerning the case?

Al-Barim: Our nation is persistently supported and donated to, and it keeps its options open in dealing with the region’s most notorious regime. We are equipped with belief to Allah, followed by ambition and determination, which enables us to confront the enemy and debase its prestige and destroy its security system. The events happening in al-Quds, and specifically al-Aqsa Mosque, call the Muslim countries to shoulder their responsibility, voice support and solidarity to Al-Aqsa Mosque by all the instruments and ways in hand, and expel the Zionist ambassadors from their soils. They are requested to provide the Palestinians with all the requirements for standing firm to continue to defend of al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque.

Alwaght: How capable are the Palestinian resistant fractions to respond to any possible aggression by the Israeli regime against Gaza or West Bank?

Al-Barim: The Palestinian resistance’s powers are much more than before, and it is bracing itself for any war imposed on our nation by the (Israeli) enemy, so, the resistance is ready to repel and thwart any possible Zionist assault, with the mujahideen (fighters)  preparing themselves perfectly to face the enemies and protect the Palestinian people. And, we in Gaza are not disconnected from the happenings in West Bank, al-Quds and the 1948-War occupied territories. Palestine is a unified nation, and our military potentials and capacities as resistance fractions will be used to defend the Palestinian people all over Palestine.

Alwaght: What do you think about calls on Palestinian political fractions to set aside their discords in a bid to support the Palestinian youth’s uprising against the Israeli regime?

Al-Barim: The Palestinian political fractions, on top of them the Hamas and Fatah movements, have to take the same steps taken by the Palestinian young people who have sacrificed themselves, beating all the expectations. The biggest gift we can award our nation is to conclude the Palestinian national reconciliation, and to stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of the challenges surrounding our Palestinian cause, as well as in the face of the Israeli occupation which is unified in confronting and killing us. Therefore, we have to remove our divisions and do away with all the factors blocking our unity which is our road to victory and dignity.

By Alwaght