Iran displays underground missile base

Weekly Report: From unveiling Iran’s underground missile base to MSC in Tehran

Tehran, Oct. 18, The Iran Project – Unveiling Iran’s underground missile base, the verification of JCPOA implementation by the Guardian Council and the Core group meeting of Munich Security Conference in Tehran dominated the country’s media outlets in the past week(12 Oct.-18 Oct.).



Iran’s Guardian Council passes bill on implementation of JCPOA

Iran’s Guardian Council has passed a bill that allows the administration to implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), agreed upon by the Islamic Republic and the P5+1 group of countries on July 14.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says the Islamic Republic has supplied all information needed for the completion of the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Hezbullah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah conferred latest regional and international developments with chairman of the committee for foreign policy and national security of the Iranian parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi.

JCPOA will go into effect in three days: Kerry

The nuclear agreement that was reached in July will go into effect in three days, US Secretary of State John Kerry said during his visit to Indiana University.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic will never allow Saudi Arabia to undercut Iran in the region.
President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday instructed Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to begin implementation of the law on JCPOA, dubbed ‘Iranian Government’s Reciprocal and Proportional Action’.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said ignoring Iran’s constructive role will dim the prospect of any political solution to the lingering crisis in Syria.


Iran mulls France-Russia-China mine investment plan

Iranian Deputy Trade Minister Mehdi Karbasian on Mon. announced a special plan proposed by France, Russia and China for investing in Iranian mines.Iranian Deputy Industries, Mines and Trade Minister Mehdi Karbasian told Mehr News correspondent that a special investment package has been drawn up from Italian, French, Russian and Chinese companies which wish to participate in Iran’s mines and mining industries.

Japan deals subject to sanctions removal

Iranian Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh says any deal with Japanese companies is subject to implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) which Tehran and the P5+1 powers endorsed in Vienna on July 14 for removal of sanctions on Iran

Oil investments to boost in post-sanction era: Deputy FM

Deputy Foreign Minister for Parliamentary and Consular Affairs Hassan Qashqavi said the nuclear Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has stipulated removal of sanctions on Iran’s oil industry and encourages international cooperation in this field.

$2,500 billion revenue by 5% extra EOR: Official

Ministry of Petroleum’s Chairman of Oil Contracts Revision Committee Mehdi Hosseini said that by every five percent increase in enhanced oil recovery coefficient, a sum of 2,500 billion dollars of income can be earned in the industry.

Saffron export hits $75mn in 6 months

An Iranian official recounted the weight and value of Iran’s saffron export over the first half of Iranian calendar year.

Iran opening is bittersweet for Scotland

Scottish National Party (SNP)’s Alex Salmond says he will be leading a delegation of business leaders to Tehran shortly in search of trade opportunities.



China said to seek deeper military ties with Iran

China wants to deepen military ties with Iran, a senior Chinese admiral said on October 15 after meeting with Iran’s defense minister in Tehran.

Iran displays underground missile base

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard opened the doors of a secret underground missile base to state TV, showing off medium- and long-range missiles.

IRGC to use new generation of long-range missiles: Cmdr.

A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has announced plans for an overhaul in the elite force’s missile program, saying a new generation of long-range missiles are to replace the current stockpile.

Adviser calls IRGC aerospace force ‘most powerful operating force’ in West Asia

A senior adviser to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution praised Iran’s defense capabilities, and said the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force is the most powerful “operating force” in the Western Asia.

Army to launch rapid response wargames in west, northwest Iran

Iranian Army will hold the Muharram maneuver in the western and northwestern parts of the country on Monday and Tuesday, a ranking commander said.
All villages with over 30 households will have access to Internet by the end of the current Iranian year (ending March 19, 2016), the minister of communications and information technology said.

Iran’s Yaser Roudi among world’s top 10 up-and-coming scientists

‘Science News’ magazine has featured the Iranian scientist’s name Yasser Roudi in the top 10 list of up-and-coming stars of science in its October issue.

‘Shahrzad’ series premiered in Cologne
A red carpet ceremony for the Iranian series ‘Shahrzad’ was held on October 10, in Cologne, Germany. Directed by renowned filmmaker Hassan Fathi, the series has been made for the home video network and will be released simultaneously in Iran and Germany on October 12, the serial website reported.

Iran to organize 1st Int’l nanotechnology olympiad for university students

The first international nanotechnology Olympiad will be held for the first time in Iran, Nanotechnology Education Foundation, active in the field of teaching nanotechnology to Iranian university students, announced.

Iranian experts are investigating to find out why a section of a Boeing 747’s engine broke off during flight on Thursday with more than 400 passengers on board.

Regional Affairs

Two rockets hit Russian embassy in Damascus: AFP

Two rockets struck the Russian embassy in Damascus on Tuesday sparking panic as several hundred people gathered to express their support for Moscow’s air war in Syria, an AFP photographer said.
Iranian generals killed in fight on terror in Syria
Two veteran Iranian generals have been killed while fighting against terrorist groups in Syria, reports say.
Syrian army begins large-scale military operation in Homs province
Two villages have been liberated so far during the offensive against terrorist groups controlling territory in Syria’s Homs province, according to military sources.
First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Thursday that Iranian and Armenian parliaments can play a very effective role in broadening of economic and commercial ties between the two countries.
Alwaght- Recently, a confidential document belonging to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia has been leaked to the press which suggests that the economic crisis in Saudi Arabia has been more serious than it was believed to be. In this highly confidential and urgent document which was in a letter from ‘King Salman’ to the Finance Ministry of Saudi Arabia Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz, the king has urged Ibrahim to implement the austerity policies in the country and reduce the financial costs.
A senior al-Qaeda commander has been killed along with two other terrorists in an airstrike in Syria, says a UK-based monitoring group.

Enemy not safe as long as resistance exists: Hezbollah chief

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has hailed the sacrifices of resistance fighters, saying enemies cannot feel safe as long as the resistance front is alive.