Iran to organize 1st Int’l nanotechnology olympiad for university students

TEHRAN (FNA)- The first international nanotechnology Olympiad will be held for the first time in Iran, Nanotechnology Education Foundation, active in the field of teaching nanotechnology to Iranian university students, announced.

The organization of international nanotechnology Olympiad for university students is one of the latest activities of the Foundation, which is currently being programmed. According to one of the experts from Promotion Workgroup of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, negotiations have been carried out with a number of countries, and the Olympiad will be held for the first time in Iran next year.

Among the other activities of the Foundation, mention can be made of creation of the largest nanotechnology educational source in Iran under the title ‘Nanotechnology Education Website’ with more than 20,000 active members. The educational system includes various sections, including educational papers and online tests to evaluate the learning of the visitors.

Among other activities of Nanotechnology Education Foundation in the recent years, mention can be made of carrying out promotional activities in provinces, providing support for the organization of seminars and workshops for students, publication of brochures of the Foundation activities and introducing nanotechnology weeks in provinces.

By Fars News Agency