How world media reacted to Iran’s Parliament decision on JCPOA implementation?

Tehran, October 14, The Iran Project – Iran’s Parliament vote to the implementation of JCPOA has generated extensive reactions in the world media. The news particularly has drawn the Western mainstream media’s attention.

Reporting the Parliamentary session, New York Times stated that the Iran’s Parliament vote on Sunday suggests that the nuclear accord will be carried out. It also reflected the conservative’s opponents to the bill, highlighting the fact that bill has to be reviewed by Iran’s 12-member of Guardian Council.

The Guardian newspaper argued that the vote signals a victory for Rouhani government, writing that passing the bill will clear the last hurdle before the parties began to put the JCPOA into practice.

Russia Today underlined the lawmaker’s precondition that the international inspectors should have limited access to Iran’s military facility. RT also referred to the strong efforts by the US Republican Party and Israel lobby to disrupt the deal verification by the US Senate.

The bill opponents’ concern that the accord may open the door to the US and West influence in Iran is what attracted the Reuter’s attention. It argued that the strong support by Iran’s Parliament will raise the likelihood of its ratification by the Guardian Council.

Moreover, the Jerusalem Post has considered the bill ratification as a victory for Iran’s government which removes the barriers for the accord enforcement.

AlJazeera news website also called the Iran’s Parliament decision as a “support” to the nuclear deal. NBC quoted the Iran’s Government Spokesman, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht as saying “Members of parliament made a well-considered decision today showing they have a good understanding of the country’s situation.”

In sum, large part of the media has specifically seen the lawmakers’ approved bill as a victory for Rouhani government and a voice of support for the implementation of the agreement. They also noted that the Parliament bill in favor of the accord remove the major obstacles, thus it may pave the way for the agreement likely success.