Iran educates one million illiterates: Literacy Org.

Tehran, October 13, The Iran Project – Ali Bagherzadeh, head of the Literacy Movement Organization says one million Iranian have been educated in past four years.

Ali Bagherzadeh, Vice-Minister for Education and head of Literacy Movement Organization considered the lack of up-to-date statistics on illiteracy and the shortage of enough motivation as the major challenges related to illiteracy in Iran.

Highlighting the need to implement new plans in the organization, Bagherzadeh said that over eight million illiterates have been educated since the formation of the Literacy Movement Organization in 1979.

He also noted the official efforts to eradicate illiteracy in Iran, adding that the organization employs the educators with required qualifications.

Number of organs have cooperated the Literacy Movement Organization to reach the illiteracy eradication goal, however, it will be achieved once the people take step toward it,” he added elsewhere in his remarks.