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Russia-led coalition, ISIS gloomy days

Alwaght- More than a week has gone by since the new coalition, which includes Russia and Iran in the center, and with Syria and Iraq taking part in it, was formed. In only few days of its life, it has managed to plague the ISIS terrorist group, by launching airstrikes, and missiles from the warships.

While the military coalition has not reached its full capacity to fight the terrorists yet, some of the moves have begun to be taken against it. Some 52 Saudi muftis (High ranking clergymen) have publicly decreed jihad (religiously motivated war) against it, as the NATO, the US President Barak Obama and even the geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski have come against it.

Besides, 45 most notorious takfiri-terrorist groups also called for jihad against Iran and Syria. All these indicate that to what degree the coalition has been successful in hitting its preset objectives in the past few days. Another reason proving the efficiency of the newly-made coalition is the Baghdad’s request for airstrikes to be carried out inside Iraq.

On the opposite side, opposing severely the new coalition, is the so-called 60-nation US-led coalition which during its about one-year life has been hitting the Syria’s infrastructure, targeting the Iraqi military bases instead of ISIS, and killing the civilians in both Iraq and Syria. The Western coalition had no results so far, but it stands firmly against the new Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq’s coalition.

Taking abovementioned notes into consideration, there are some points that are noteworthy:

1. The establishment of the new coalition has many qualitative and quantitative advantages, some of which are as significant as the very goal of destroying the takfiri and terrorist groups. The new anti-ISIS coalition has exposed the reality about the US-led coalition.

It is highly clear what it could mean that the Saudi muftis, the US, NATO, the terrorist groups and some Arabic states’ leaders have unanimously taken positions against the Baghdad-based coalition.  Just few days ago, the Dubai-based Saudi channel, Al-Arabiya, has noted that Barack Obama, before launching the anti-terror operations by the new coalition, had warned that the Russian attacks would unify the takfiri groups, making them announce jihad in the face of Moscow.

The US president has shown his coalition’s true color and its unanimity and links with the takfiri terrorists as he earlier warned and at the same time joined the Wahhabi-Takfiri groups in their opposition to the Russian-led coalition’s airstrikes in Syria. The fact is that now the US, some Arab leaders, Israeli regime and the terrorist groups are standing within a front against the Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and the Lebanon’s Hezbollah’s block which have made a real coalition to battle terrorism. Additionally, the new coalition with its functionality discloses the incompetence of the pretended and bogus US-led coalition which includes some 60 countries.

2. The US-led coalition now has several concerns to deal with. The first is the fact that Russia is hitting all terrorist groups in Syria, regardless the US ludicrous categorization of good and bad terrorists. The Free Syrian Army, al-Nusra Front, ISIS, the Syria Friends, Islamic Syrian Liberation Front, Farouq Brigades, Al-Tawhid Brigade and the so-called moderate opposition are the fractions the West has set up in Syria after the takfiris’ heinous crimes to justify supports for them. This is while all of these groups share the goals as well as the way they are committing their crimes in Syria.

Groups that the US itself, according to Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, could not make distinctions between them and nobody is aware if their precise location. As the media and the Western officials claim, the five-member anti-ISIS coalition has been targeting all these terrorist groups without any discrimination that does not appeal to the West, because a real battle against terrorism would have big winners and they are the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russia, and the Resistance Axis, including Iran, Iraq, and Lennon.

3. The US, naturally, does not agree with a coalition that is able to deliver heavy blows to terrorist groups and destroy their hollow awe created by committing atrocities and brutal crimes. Demonization of the five-party coalition is the first measure to be taken by the Western coalition. According to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the moves to demonize the Russian-led coalition started even before the onset of the operation against the terrorist groups in Syria, claiming that the coalition’s strikes killed dozens of the civilians.

The opposite side would have high on the agenda pretexts like civilians’ deaths, uninfluential strikes, Russia’s efforts to dominate the Syrian oil, and the coalition’s intentions to increase influence in Syria, to propagate against the Baghdad-based coalition. Some of the propaganda activites have begun even before the strikes were conducted in Syria. To make the demonization even more effective, the terrorists would aid their supporters. The Western-Arabic-Israeli axis is expected to claim the massive killing of the civilians, targeting the mosques, marriage parties and funeral services.

4. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who previously asked the US to take measures to face Russia in order to prevent a third world war, has now become confused suddenly after the new coalition was announced, as he requested that Russia be confronted militarily. Hardening against Russia, the NATO has issued a infuriated statement, threatening Moscow, asking it to immediately stop its anti-terrorist strikes in Syria. Moreover, Turkey has summoned the Russian envoy three times within three days. All these oppositions by the backers of the terrorist groups signify that Russia is on the right track.

Now, the coalition is some steps ahead, and it has taken the initiative, leaving the US and its allies shocked by its earnestness in fighting the terrorists.

The Americans have been totally surprised especially after the Russian Navy has entered the battlefield, firing 26 long-range cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea at the ISIS positions in Syria. So, while the opposite side, the sham US-led coalition, is confused and busy with its demonization and propagandistic project and until it restores itself from the shock, the Russian-led coalition should seize the opportunity and intensify attacks against the terrorists, and even attract more countries and build a ground coalition as fast as possible against the brutal takfiris to achieve three goals: to keep its distance and supremacy, trigger the US-led coalition’s collapse by drawing more allies within the coalition, and obliterating more takfiris.

On the other hand, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iraq asked for Russia’s aid. This means green light to the new anti-ISIS coalition by the countries increasingly facing the terrorism dangers. Currently, a lot of countries are intimidated by the risks posed by terrorism’s growth.

5. The new coalition has proved that, in case of existence of a real will, challenges even larger than ISIS could be wiped out in a short time. Crushing the terrorist groups, which have proceeded with their moves using terror tactics, could have swift and significant consequences. Actually, targeting the tactics would mean hitting the strategy. It means that ISIS is no longer able, even by beheading and immolating the captives or by airing Hollywood-style promotion videos, to reach its objectives.

6. The obliteration of the terrorists is useful not only for the West Asian region but also for Europe. The immigration crisis by which Europe, and not the US or the Israeli regime, is shackled is highly serious. Puting down the takfiris would facilitate the return of the immigrants who have migrated to Europe so far, or would dissuade those who are expected to arrive in Europe in the future. Basically, the solution to stop the flow of the immigrants is to destroy the terrorist groups, an objective followed up by the anti-ISIS Russian-led coalition, though the US and some European countries like Germany are opposing it, to maintain the conflict in the region and  guarantee their arms sales. To save themselves, the European countries are suggested to join the new campaign in order for the them and the world to get rid of ISIS.

By Alwaght