Russian Su-24

Russian Aerospace Forces conduct 64 sorties in Syria, hit 55 ISIL targets

The Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 64 sorties in Syria hitting 55 ISIL targets, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday.

The Russian military has increased the intensity of combat flights in Syria as the number of ISIL targets has grown, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman said.

“The increased intensity of the combat missions of our aircraft is related to a significant rise of the number of ground targets identified by means of air and space reconnaissance throughout the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said adding that the strikes are conducted by Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM aircraft.

Russian Air Force jets have destroyed 29 ISIL field camps and ammunition depots in Hama province, he said. Russian strikes also hit two ISIL command centers and 23 strongholds. Islamic State’s fortified area in Aleppo province was also destroyed in past 24 hours.

“Two [ISIL] militant command posts, ammunition depot in the province of Hama, 29 field camps of terrorists, 23 points and fortified defensive positions with weapons and military equipment were destroyed as a result of the actions of our aviation group per day,” Konashenkov said.

He added that Russian Aerospace Force’s strikes destroyed ISIL’s major technical, logistic support objects.

Russia has sent a draft document to the United States on the measured aimed to avert air incidents between the Russian Aerospace Forces and US-led anti-ISIL coalition over Syria, the Defense Ministry’s spokesman said.

By Sputnik News