Iran wants China in Chabahar development

Iran says it welcomes China’s investments in the development of Chabahar port in its southeastern Sistant-and-Baluchestan province.

Sistant-and-Baluchestan Governor General Ali Oset-Hashemi has emphasized that the Chinese enterprises can participate in a series of projects in Chabahar including the development of its rail network as well as the key petrochemical and steel projects.

“Iran stands ready to provide lucrative business opportunities to the countries that stood by it during hard times,” Oset-Hashemi told a Chinese business delegation that was visiting Chabahar to inspect its investment potentials.

“We will be glad to work with China to make our relations solid and strong,” IRNA quoted the official as saying.

Oset-Hashemi further emphasized that he will meet the ambassadors of China and Pakistan in Tehran within the next few days to discuss the potentials for investments of the two countries in Chabahar.

The exact scope of China’s planned investment in Chabahar is not known yet. However, the port is largely planned to be developed through a much-awaited investment by India. It is in fact central to India’s efforts to circumvent arch-rival Pakistan and open up a route to landlocked Afghanistan where it has developed close security ties and economic interests. The port can also serve as a gateway to the resource-rich countries of Central Asia.

India’s media reported earlier that New Delhi will take a decision on Iran’s latest offer in October after obtaining reports from other ministries including petroleum, chemical and fertilizer, and steel.

By Press TV