World Space Week; Iran among top 9 countries with satellite capability

Tehran, October 7, The Iran Project – On the occasion of the World Space Week, the following report briefly reflects the different aspects of Iran’s achievements in the space science and technology. Currently Iran is among the top nine countries that have a proven orbital launch capability.  

On December 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared 4 to 10 October World Space Week. Since then, the week has been the largest public space event, in which the countries take the opportunity to highlight their achievements in the area of space science and technology.

After the Iran Space Agency successfully sent the first domestically made satellite Omid (hope) into orbit in February 2009, the country has stood among top nine world countries with satellite manufacturing and launching technology. Omid was Iran’s first research satellite that was designed for gathering information and testing equipment. After orbiting for three months, the satellite successfully completed its mission without any problem and reentered the Earth’s atmosphere on April 25, 2009.

The Iranian manned space project, as the current major project under the supervision of the Iranian Aerospace Research Institute of Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) is expected to be unveiled by 2016. Earlier in February, Iran unveiled a mock of the country’s spaceship at the ceremony of the national day of space. According to the institute, the spaceship, which is designed under the name “Class E Kavoshgar”, is capable of taking astronauts into space to a 175 km height.

A senior official of Iran space agency earlier said although it has been 10 years since Iran began to pursue technological capability in the area of space technology; the country capability regarding this technology has made great headways.

Sharif Sat and Nahid (Venus) Sat are other satellite projects which Iran Space Agency pursues to launch soon.

According to the Research Center of Islamic legislative Assembly, Iran is the second country in the Middle East and 21 in the world ranking in terms of space science production by late 2013. The report indicates that Iran’s share in this area in the region is 1349 articles.