3rd session of Babak Zanjani’s trial court begins

Tehran, Oct 5, IRNA – The third session of the oil billionaire Babak Zanjani and two other defendants began openly here on Monday morning.

Abolqasem Salavati is judging the today court session.

The first and second sessions of Zanjani’s court hearing were held on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The accused, businessman Babak Zanjani and two other respondents, face money laundering charges lodged in a 40,000 pages (209 volumes of books) law suit, for building up the 237-page indictment.

Zanjani was jailed in 2013 when charges were brought up against him for misappropriating the bulk of sum of two billion euros of the Ministry of Petroleum’s funds.

The main defendant had earned the money through selling oil on behalf of the ministry.

He has undergone 40 sessions of interrogation, and 200 people were served subpoenas and questioned as informed suspects.

The two other defendants in the case are facing charges of complicity in money laundering, forgery, and fraud.