Russia reports new ‘surgical airstrikes’ on Daesh positions in Raqqa

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced a fresh “surgical airstrike” by Russian jet fighters against the positions of the militants of the Daesh terrorist group in Syria , knocking out the battle headquarters of the Takfiri militants near the Northeastern city of Raqqa.

Operating from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria, the Russian warplanes continued their aerial attacks on Saturday against Daesh positions in the war-torn country, inflicting “pinpoint strikes” on the their military installations, RT reported, citing Kremlin military authorities.

This is while wire reports further cited a Russian Defense Ministry official as saying that its air force pilots carried out over 20 sorties across Syria in the past 24 hours striking nine Daesh military targets.

According to the report, the official, identified as Igor Konashenkov, also noted that Su-34 and Su-24M fighter jets took part in the air campaign.

Konashenkov was also cited by Russian media as saying that an Su-34 aircraft had demolished a terrorist command post as well as an underground bunker with explosives and weapons in the Raqqa region.

He further elaborated that a Russian bomber had also struck a Daesh terrorist camp along with a military fortification.


Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (pictured above) said in a Friday televised interview that Moscow’s military expenditure on its counterterrorism operations in Syria is justified and essential.

“We are protecting Russian people from the terror threat because it is better to do it abroad rather than at home,” Medvedev added in an interview with Russia 24 TV.

“This expenditure is legitimate with due regard to our country’s current position and the need to upgrade our armed forces,” he added, noting that the current spending pattern is “quite sufficient” to fulfill the missions in Syria.

By PressTV