Mina deadly incident

Independent committee should investigate Mina tragedy: Student peace cnt.

Tehran, October 1, The Iran Project – The head of a student center says a truth finding committee should investigate the Mina tragedy, determining whether the incident is accidental or intentional.

Speaking to a reporters, Mohammad Sadeq Faghfuri, the head of the Beautiful Peace Research Center highlighted the evidence that strengthens the suspicions. He said that an independent mission from Saudi Arabia should examine the issue to determine if the incident is pre-planned.

He noted the Saudi regime’s irresponsibility, stressing that the least Riyadh can do is to take the responsibility and apologize to all the Muslims nations for the tragic event happened in Mina.

“If it is proven that it is intentional, it will be recognized as an act of genocide and in this case the Saudi rulers should be legally prosecuted,” Faghfuri reiterated.

In the latest statement on Thursday, Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization announced that the number of the Iranian pilgrims who were killed at the Mina tragedy reached 464.