“Muhammad (s)” movie depicts tiny drop of prophet’s mercy ocean: Majidi

Tehran, September 30, The Iran Project –“Muhammad (s)” movie’s director says the movie attempts to depict a very tiny drop of the prophet’s mercy ocean.

Speaking on the sidelines of the special screening of the epic movie on Sunday in Hamedan, the movie’s renowned director Majid Majidi’s noted that the Islam enemies seek to represent a false impression of the religion in the past years.

Majidi also acclaimed the movie’s Indian composer Allah-Rakha Rahman, adding that he has recently converted to Islam.

In this ceremony, Mohammad Naser Nikbakht, the Hamedan Governor General also praised Majid Majidi for the movie direction, adding that he has left a highly valuable heritage.

The cinematic project has enjoyed the cooperation of international craftsmen and artists such as the Italian film editor, Roberto Perpignani, American special effects artist, Scott E. Anderson, and Indian composer, A. R. Rahman.

While the movie has received a box-office hit in Iranian theaters, it has enjoyed an extra screening at the 39th Montreal World ‎Film Festival (MWFF) in Canada since its release more than a month ago.