Molaverdi: Development of tourism industry essential for economic prosperity

Kashan, Isfahan, Sept. 29, IRNA – Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, Shahindokht Molaverdi said the 11th government is struggling with economic challenges and development of tourism industry will speed up economic prosperity.

Speaking at an eco-tourism festival at Arikeh Hotel in a village of Isfahan Province on Monday evening, she said despite the steps taken for the development of tourism in the country still many parts of the country, including Ardestan (in Isfahan), have been ignored in terms of tourism development.

She added that the government has plans to prioritize the development of tourism industry in the next five years.

The vice president said President Rouhani considers the country’s calm and tranquility in the constructive interaction with the world and economic development. Unfortunately in the discussion of foreign policy, inflation control, recession and economic prosperity no appropriate status has been achieved.

Pointing to the fact that unemployment is a major bottleneck for the country, Molaverdi said all the human asset of the country should be employed and no force, either man or woman, should should remain unutilized.

She said the main priorities of the government in the Sixth Development Plan are water, environment and tourism industry, adding that the slogan of the government for the development of the country is based on tranquility in politics, welfare in economy and security in culture.

Arikeh Hotel is in the village of Mariko, 35 km east of Zavareh in the city of Ardestan on the slopes of the mountain.