President: Iran’s regional role acknowledged by everyone

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed the country’s increasing clout in the region, saying the role of Tehran in counter-terrorism and regional stability and security is now acknowledged by all parties.

“Iran was previously perceived as the region’s problem, but today it is known as the solution in the region,” the Iranian president said on Tuesday, upon his arrival in Tehran from New York.

“All parties acknowledge that (achieving) security and stability and fighting terrorism have no way except Iran’s presence,” he added.

The president also underlined that he is ready to hold talks with anybody for the sake of security in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

President Rouhani further noted that he cut short his trip to New York because of the tragic crush of people in Mina, near the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca, in which more than 200 Iranian pilgrims died.

“The Mina incident is not ordinary and normal in our view, and could not be compensated for with financial issues,” he underlined.

Iranian officials say about 4,700 pilgrims were killed in the Thursday crush in Mina when performing religious rites. So far, at least 239 Iranian pilgrims are confirmed to have died in the tragic event.

With the death toll rising, many pilgrims are still unaccounted for in the incident that marked the worst ever Hajj disaster.

The Iranian president in his UN speech in New York on Monday deplored the incident, and called on the Riyadh government to take responsibility for the tragedy and provide an explanation.

By Tasnim News Agency