Iran to unveil Martyr divers stamp

Tehran, September 28, The Iran Project – The stamp of martyr divers will be unveiled concurrently with the Sacred Defence Week.

Coincided with the Sacred Defence Week and the commemoration ceremony of Iran Post Company’s martyrs, the stamp of martyr divers will be unveiled.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi will attend the unveiling ceremony which is to be held on Tuesday (Sep. 29).

The bodies of 175 Iranian divers who were reportedly buried alive with their hands tied during the Iran-Iraq War back in the 1980s returned home on May 18.

According to the commander of the Missing in Action (MIA) Search Committee of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Mohammad Baqerzadeh, the martyrs were buried alive by the forces of the former Iraqi Ba’ath regime during Operation Karbala-4.

Operation Karbala-4 was launched under the cover of darkness in late December 1986, and was meant to give Iranian forces a foothold along the Arvand Roud waterway. The Iranian troops would go on the offensive once across the waterway, and move onto the Iraqi port city of Basra. However, the operation did not go as planned since the deposed Iraqi Ba’ath regime was notified of Operation mainly through US intelligence operatives.