President Rouhani meets European Council President in New York

New York, Sept 26, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met President of the European Council Donald Tusk here on Saturday.

During the meeting in New York today, President Rouhani and Tusk discussed bilateral ties and regional developments.

Earlier today, President Rouhani called on the United Nations to pressure the Saudi government to cooperate with Muslim countries, including Iran, on the tragic Hajj incident in Mina, Mecca.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York on Saturday.

The Iranian president strongly criticized Saudi Arabia for its lack of cooperation following the recent Hajj stampede.

‘Unfortunately, the Saudi government does not cooperate sufficiently in addressing the fate of the missing and transferring the bodies of those killed as well as helping the injured ones, and it is imperative that the UN Secretary General (Ban Ki-moon) remind the Riyadh government of its legal and human obligations,” President Rouhani said.

President Rouhani also called on the UN chief to do his utmost to help the implementation of an Iranian-proposed act aimed at fighting violence and extremism.

The Iranian president also pointed to terrorism in the Middle East which he said has displaced and endangered the lives of millions, and said, ‘The UN, big powers as well as regional countries shoulder a heavy responsibility in the crises in the region.’

He reiterated the need for a coordinated campaign against terrorism.

President Rouhani also urged an end to interference of certain countries in the region, including in Yemen and Syria.

‘A hasty end to military intervention, delivery of humanitarian aid and start of intra-Yemeni dialogue without any foreign meddling are the key to ending the crisis and restoring lasting peace in Yemen,’ he added.

The Iranian president also said that Iran is ready to cooperate with the UN and regional countries to help restore stability to Yemen which has been under Saudi air raids since March 26.