Iran to dispatch delegation to Mina

TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – Iran’s Deputy FM told the local media about the imminent dispatch of an Iranian delegation to Saudi Arabia.Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Consulate Affairs Hassan Ghashghavi told the IRIB on Friday that the special committee of Iran’s Foregn Ministry and the Suprem Council of National Security on Friday morning held their first meeting over the tragedy in Mina and decided to dispatch a special delegation to Saudi Arabia.

The Iranian official added that he will head the delegation consisting of Foreign Ministry’s General Manager for Regional Issues and General Manager for Consulate Affairs along with the Secretary General of Iran’s Red Crecsent Society and a team of media people.

The delegation is waiting for Saudi issuence of their visas.

The senior diplomat listed the three objectives of the delegation to follow the case of the missed in the incident, to transfer the dead and wounded to Iran, and to investigate the real cause of the catasrophe.

The official declined to release the number of missed as he said it needs more time to issue the precise number and some pilgrims are in hospitals and not listed yet.

Ghashghavi reassured that Iran’s Foreign Ministry staff in Saudi Arabia have been on toes since the outbreak of the tragedy and they have helped identification of the victims as much as possible.

By Mehr News Agency