Deputy FM: Saudi Hajj mishandling nothing to do with destiny

Tehran, Sept 26, IRNA – Foreign Ministry deputy for Arab and African, Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said the mishandling of the Hajj rituals by the Saudi officials has nothing to do with fate and destiny.
Talking to reporters here on Saturday, he advised the Saudi officials not to try to justify their own poor management skills in running the Hajj affairs as fate and destiny.

He said the refusal of Saudi officials to stand accountable in regards with the horrifying stampede incident in Mina on Thursday is “unacceptable”.

Under the present conditions we expect the Saudi officials to take urgent and speedy action to settle the issue of those pilgrims who have gone missing and also to transfer the bodies of the dead and facilitate the return of wounded pilgrims back home, he added.

He described the ongoing procedures in Saudi Arabia as “unsatisfactory” and urged the Saudi officials to act according to humanitarian and Islamic duties, instead of trying to make excuses for what happened.

136 Iranian pilgrims have so far been announced dead during the stampede in Mina on Thursday.