US remarks are contrary to realities in Syria: Afkham

Tehran, Sept 24, IRNA – Spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry described the remarks made by the US Secretary of State John Kerry as against the realities of the Syrian crisis.
Commenting on Kerry’s remarks that Iran and Russia should play constructive role in solving the Syrian crisis, Marziyeh Afkham described the US official’s invitation of Iran to play constructive role in Syria as a kind of blame game and as contrary to realities regarding crisis in Syria.

It is not clear whether Kerry’s recent remarks are out of concern or aimed at realistic settlement of the crisis in Syria, Afkham made the remarks in an interview with reporters.

Since beginning of crisis in Syria, Iran believed that Syrian-Syrian talks as well as a political agreement are the only solution to that crisis, Afkham stressed.

What is happening in Syria now has proved the authenticity of such a belief, said she.

The solution to the Syrian crisis will have successful outcome only when it is based on realities and it respects the people’s demand, Afkham noted.

Any plan for the crisis will be doomed to failure, unless it focuses on serious fight with terrorist groups, Takfiris and extremists, Afkham said.

Afkham further referred to insisting on pre-conditions and following the US and its allies’ policies on the Syrian crisis as the issues that put hindrances to the settlement of that crisis.