Iran’s cultural official to visit heads of 5 world’s book fairs in Frankfurt

Tehran, September 20, The Iran Project – Iran’s director of Cultural Exhibitions Institute is due to visit the heads of 5 world’s book fairs in Frankfurt Book Fair.

Iran’s director of Cultural Exhibitions Institute, Amir Massoud Shahramnia, announced his upcoming visit with the heads of 5 world’s book fairs in the 67th Frankfurt International Book Fair.

We are going to have a second meeting with the head of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Juergen Boos, to formally invite him to attend the Tehran International Book Fair, said the official with Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute

Shahramnia went on to say that Bertrand Maurice, the head of Paris Book Fair also invited us to discuss different issues, including Tehran being the special guest of the Paris Book Fair.

We will also visit the heads of Beijing, Indonesia, and Bologna Book Fairs, he added.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book and media trade fair in the world, with around 7,500 exhibitors from over 110 countries and about 300,000 visitors each year.