‘JCPOA changed Iran’s image as global threat’

TEHRAN, Sep. 19 (MNA) – Iranian deputy FM described JCPOA as a way to abort the threats and to lift illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Parliament News Agency reported.

Criticizing those who consider Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations as a military strike, Seyed Abbas Araghchi said Chapter VII deals with issues known as threats to peace and security according to the Security Council which also includes military attack as a part of it.

“The undeniable fact is that UN Security Council announced Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to the international peace and security and dealt the issue under Chapter VII of UN Charter,” Araghchi added.

In all six previous resolutions, Araghchi said, the Security Council recognized the threat and formulated many articles and paragraphs against Iran’s nuclear activity.

Paragraph 9 of Resolution 1926 authorized measures beyond the economic sanctions which is a threat to Iran.

“When the Security Council introduces a country as a threat to the world, it imposes serious security consequences against the country,” Araghchi said. To avoid being known as a threat to the world, according to Araghchi, Iran needed to be removed from Chapter VII of UN Charter.

“In fact, Iran is the first country that has been able to eliminate the security threats and sanctions by being removed from the obligations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter through negotiations and, God willing, will see the positive consequences soon.”

By Mehr News Agency