VP: Legal expert group to be formed in support of women in Syria, Iraq and Yemen

Tehran, Sept 17, IRNA – Vice-President for legal affairs Elham Aminzadeh said Thurday that women’s legal experts and lawyers would meet to establish a legal expert group in support of war-affected women in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

She made the remarks in gathering themed ‘Women, Security, Sustainable Development’.

Aminzadeh said that it is for more than a century that a law to provide security for civilians has been passed, but has never been enforced.

She added that discrimination, exploitation and cultural and financial poverty have forced men and women to turn to extremist groups with strong financial resources, so it endangers security of the world.

The VP reminded that international laws include some limitations in areas of armed conflicts, either between countries, or inside countries, including banning the use of the weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, if a government wants to react to a military attack by another state, it should not violate civilian zones.

She stressed that women should tolerate damages even after war, such as the psychological consequences of losing spouses in the war.

The meeting was held in Tehran in the presence of Aminzadeh, Vice-President for women and family affairs Shahindokht Moulaverdi and Afghanistan Minister of Women Affairs.