Iran-P5+1 talks

Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela use ‘superweapon’ against US… diplomacy

The United States perceives Russia, Iran, China and Venezuela as its adversaries but they have a “superweapon” to protect themselves from Washington’s aggressive policies – the diplomacy of peace, Spanish website asserted.

The US employs an array of instruments to counter the four nations, including sanctions and support for far right groups worldwide, the media outlet noted.

“Washington never misses an opportunity to meddle in the internal affairs of Moscow, Tehran, Beijing and Caracas; it tries to exert pressure on [the four countries], surround them with unfriendly regimes and keep them on their toes,” the media outlet pointed out.

The United States, according to Rebelion, uses Ukraine and the European Union to “destabilize” Russia, the “bleeding” Middle East to weaken Iran, Japan and the standoff between two Koreas to pressure China.

But these nations are good at warding off attacks.
“The four countries, which are capable of putting an end to the US plans for global domination, stood up against the waning empire with diplomacy and peaceful actions; they also avoided provocations that could lead to military scenario,” the media outlet observed.
Rebelion warned that Washington could be contemplating sparking a large-scale war in Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Latin America to weaken its adversaries through chaos. The United Nations and the international community should be on the alert so as to prevent a new catastrophe for the mankind from happening, the website added.
By Sputnik