Iran deems regional stability a responsiblity: Speaker

Tehran, Sept 15, IRNA – Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said Iran is a harbinger of regional stability and the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) is a protective power in the region.

‘IRGC’s military preparedness specially in the field of missiles should increase and there should be no limitation in this regard,’ he told the General Assembly of IGRC commanders on Tuesday.
‘The fact that we fully support the Quds Force does not mean that we are after an empire in the region because we think the time of empires in the region is over,’ he added.
Streesing Iran’s role in regional stability, Larijani said, ‘Unlike Western counties, we are after establishing security in the region. Iran is defending the nation and government of Iraq against terrorists.’
The speaker also said Iran helps the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah and Palestinian freedom fighters of Hamas considering that their power is coming from the people who are beside them.
‘Iran defends the oppessed people of Yemen against the barbaric attacks of the Saudi regime. One should not forget that Iran’s power is not based on arms, rather on being beside the people,’ he said.
Referring to the nuclear issue, he reminded statements by the Supreme Leader who has warned against discord and division in the country.
Larijani said the nuclear accord with world powers has both advantages and disadvantages.
‘By solidarity, we can move forward and overcome its shortcomings,’ said the speaker.