Rouhani & General Soleimani

President: Iran proud of saving Iraq from terrorists

Tehran, Sept 15, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday said on Tuesday that Iran’s support for Iraqi nation and government saved them from terrorists.

The President made the remarks in a meeting with commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

He said that Iran proved that is not supporting violence and terror and with reliance on diplomatic campaign and military force, Iran is helping international peace, tranquility and stability for Iran, the region and the entire neighbors.

President Rouhani said that Iran struck win-win agreement which is beneficial for the whole world and that Iran’s enrichment right was recognized and a resolution by the UN Security Council acknowledged the nuclear deal.

Iran is due to have a modern reactor with partnership of China and one of member countries of Group 5+1 and Fordow will remain active by more than one thousand centrifuges as a research center.

‘We all together and under guidance of the Supreme Leader achieved the victory, but we should remember that this is not the end of road and hostility of the enemies will not end and conspiracy against Iran and the region will continue, so we all should put hands in hands to make our revolution more consolidated.’