German vice chancellor reaffirms Iran key role to settling Syrian crisis

Berlin, Sept 15, IRNA — German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel reiterated Iran’s key role in resolving the five-year Syria civil war, according to news reports.

Pointing to ongoing international diplomatic efforts to restore peace in Syria, Gabriel said in Berlin, The key to that is in Moscow and Washington but also Tehran.
He urged all relevant sides in the conflict to sit at the negotiation table.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called over the weekend for talks with Iran and Russia geared at resolving the Syrian conflict.

The minister stressed in a commentary for the Berlin-based daily Tagesspiegel newspaper the need for stepped up diplomatic efforts directed at ending civil war.

Steinmeier insisted again the July 14 Vienna agreement provided a new window of opportunity at settling the Syrian crisis which can not be missed.

He made clear regional powers like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey played a decisive role in bringing all relevant parties in the Syrian conflict to the negotiation table.