West is imposing its view of human rights on others: Judiciary Chief

Tehran, Sept 14, IRNA – Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said Westerners are trying to impose their views about human rights which are based on their presuppositions on other countries.

He made the remarks on Sunday in a meeting with a visiting Italian delegation led by Professor Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni of the Italian International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences (ISISC).
Ayatollah Amoli stressed reaching a common understanding about the human rights by learning about the existing concepts in this regard and said that in the meantime no country is entitled to impose its beliefs and presuppositions on others.
He welcomed the visit by ISISC to Tehran and said Iran is ready for bilateral talks with Italy on human rights principles and exchange of practical experience in judiciary issues.
Despite of certain Western media hypes, he added, Iran’s judiciary power is developed and independent within the Islamic system’s framework and is after promotion of justice and securing public’s rights.
‘Our judicial approach to human dignity is founded on the Shia wisdom thought which is in fundamental distinction with extremist approaches such as Daesh,’ he said.
Ayatollah Amoli also criticized West’s double standards in pressuring Iran which is a democratic state but is in friendship with some of regional countries which have not held an election so far.
Bassiouni expressed satisfaction over the opportunity of visiting Tehran to exchange views on human rights issues between Iran and Italy and welcomed continuation of the talks at the upcoming visit of Iranian delegation to Italy.
‘Concept such as respect of human beings and their dignity are general and accepted by divine religions and developed by Islam, which cannot only be defined by political considerations,’ he said.
‘We welcome continued talks about human rights for proximity of nations and states,’ he added.