Iran borders completely secure, says IRGC commander

Tehran, Sept 14, IRNA – Today Iran is completely secure on all borders, including on its Western and North-western frontiers, says the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force commander.

‘The operational missions and basic engineering and military tasks completed by the IRGC Ground Force in North-western country have produced results once regarded as too ambitious to be achieved,’ said Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour on Monday at a ceremony for the commemoration of Iranian fallen soldiers in operations in Western and North-western regions.

The geographically rugged region used to be a safe haven for the terrorist groups, smugglers and armed robbers, but today following the operations conducted by the IRGC Ground Force, security is ensured in the region, said he.

‘The precedent for what has been done here, can only be found in some major operations during the imposed war against the country.’

‘The major military operations and the amazing engineering tasks conducted in recent years by the IRGC Ground Force in Western, North-western and South-eastern borders have stabilized the Islamic Republic frontiers,’ he said.

‘The big endeavor made by our brave soldiers, has realized one of the old dreams of the authorities.’