Iran to turn Kish into key aviation hub

Iran says it plans to turn a key airport in the Persian Gulf island of Kish into a regional aviation hub.

Based a plan that has been devised to the same effect, the Kish International Airport will be provided with adequate facilities to host tourists that use Iran’s airspace to reach other countries like India, Malaysia, Syria, Iraq or the Persian Gulf littoral states.

Moheb Khodaei, the deputy director for tourism affairs of Kish Free Trade Zone, has told the media that this will help reduce air travel costs for the tourists.

Khodaei added that the required facilities will be provided for the tourists to stay in Kish “for a few hours or even days” and enjoy the beauties of this island.

A special target group, he added, are the Indian Muslims who plan to travel to Iraq’s Najaf among others.

The resort island of Kish is a major tourist destination in southern Iran and annually hosts 1.5 million guests, including many foreigners.

Officials have already announced plans to construct within a year a new terminal at Kish International Airport to host 4.5 million visitors each year – what is expected to lead to the creation of Iran’s second biggest airport.

Separate plans have also been announced to hold tours for visiting foreign travelers from Kish to nearby tourism destinations including Shiraz.

By Press TV