Egyptian analyst asks for restoration of Cairo-Tehran relations

Tehran, September 13, The Iran Project – An Egyptian analyst has urged Cairo officials to  restore their relationship with Tehran regardless of U.S. and Israel’s pressures.

In an article written for Al-Ahram daily, Egyptian analyst, Dr. Mohammed Al Saeed Idris, referring to the consequences of solving Iran nuclear crisis and its effects on increasing the country’s regional power and influence, and changing the US attitude towards it, urged Cairo officials to restore their relationship with Iran, and set their policy in a way that represents national independence in decision-making process.

The Egyptian analyst also pointed out that the Egypt policy towards Iran should be based on the interests of the country and in accordance with its ideals to return to its role as a major power in the region.

Direct bilateral relations between Cairo and Tehran help restoring the two country’s relations, Idris stated, stressing that the relations should be governed by a set of considerations, including the non-involvement of Egypt in Iran’s dispute with America and Israel, not having factional conflict with Iran, considering different approaches of Iran’s domestic policies, and competing to fill the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of Arabic countries.

He reiterated that the positive interaction of Egypt to resolve the serious crises in the Arab world, especially the Syria’s crisis, can be a suitable entry to have relations with Iran based on mutual understanding that will start through normalizing the Tehran-Cairo relations.

In the past, the decisions Egypt made on its relations with Iran were always more affected by the country’s interests than the international, regional and Arabic factors, so this issue should be reconsidered, he added.