Austrian firms interested in Iran oil

TEHRAN Sept. 13 (Shana) – The Austrian oil group ROTH has expressed its interest to buy Iran’s crude oil when the US-led sanctions against Iran are lifted, company’s Managing Director Rudi Roth said.

“Our company used to have crude oil trade with Iran.  We hope that after sanctions’ removal, conditions for buying Iranian oil will be ready again,” he told Shana.
In an exclusive interview in Tehran on the sidelines of the Austrian president‘s state visit, Roth welcomed the nuclear deal between Iran and G5+1 group of world powers in Vienna on July 24 as a new chapter in Iran’s relations with the global community.

“It has led many oil firms to restart their ties with Tehran. So I hope that after sanctions when track of selling Iran’s crude oil to Europe is facilitated, we can once again be a buyer of Iranian consignments,” he said.
“ROTH can help in trading Iran’s crude oil in European markets and sell it to major refineries which are working with us,” he added, “We are optimistic about cooperation with Iran in the oil sector and hope that with implementation of the nuclear deal we can re-establish our good old ties.”

Austrian President Heinz Fischer travelled to Iran as the first head of state to visit the Islamic Republic following the conclusion of nuclear talks.
European countries are looking for lucrative investment opportunities in Iran that could be unlocked by the nuclear deal in the post-sanctions period.

Also Austrian OMV international oil and gas company has expressed its readiness to cooperate with Iran in the area of oil wells stimulation shall the US-led sanctions are lifted, Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs and Commerce Amir-Hossein Zamani-Nia said.
“Using new technologies, OMV is ready to double production of Iran’s oil and gas fields through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) methods,” he told Shana following a meeting between Iranian Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh and OMW CEO Rainer Seele in Tehran.

In the meantime, the Iranian Petroleum University of Technology (PUT) and Austrian Montan University signed a cooperation agreement with the objective to strengthen scientific and engineering ties.
The agreement signed by PUT President Abdolnabi Hashemi and Gerhrad Thonhauser, head of Petroleum Engineering Department of Montan University, was reached at the conclusion of a forum between Iranian and Austrian corporate representatives in the field of oil and gas industries.

Organized on the sidelines of the Austrian president’s visit to Tehran, Iranian Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs and Commerce Amir-Hossein Zamani-Nia and Deputy Director General of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Karl Hartleb witnessed the document’s signature ceremony.
Before the event, Hartleb said, “Austrian firms are deeply interested in the presence in Iran and cooperation with Iranian companies in oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.”

Zamani-Nia, too, said banking and legal institutions are ready to support the cooperation of Iranian and Austrian energy firms in the post-sanctions period.