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President: Iranian nation to decide oil prices in post-sanction era

Tehran, Sept 12, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that the Iranian great nation will decide how much and what market to sell oil and to what bank account it will deposit the money and where or how to spend.

He bitterly criticized the fomer president and the radicals supporting Ahmadinejad and his well-known rhetorics saying he deserves to undertake the leadership of the global community unifying enemies of the Iranian nation to impose crippling sanctions on Iran.

‘Unfortunately, certain miscalculated and wrong moves by the former statesmen led to undermine the prestige and glory of the Iranian nation so that a precious gem and diamond dropped to a deep dark valley as there was no light to show the way.

All government effors are based on trying to get the diamond out of the dark valley through determination and support of the nation and guidance of the leadership. You can clearly see the illumination of the diamond got out of the dark valley and the nation is proud of the shining of it,’ President Rouhani said in a critical tone.

He said that in the past, due to the oil-dependence and the outward looking and not the inward looking nature of Iranian economy, others instructed selling Iranian oil to the market as the prices were decided by the market and not by Iranians themselves.

He added that Iran under sanctions was obliged to export only one million barrels of oil and not more, which was an economic pressure on Iranian nation, dealing a blow to national pride and dignity.

‘Our nation has resisted and resistance of our nation deserves being praised and be told well done. Our nation should know that the arrogance and the big powers have placed chains on economic movement of dear Iran and impeded its progress, targeting their dignity, freedom, trade and sale of their resources. And now, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) means breaking all the chains.’

‘That’s (the JCPOA) is what our national heroes held talks with six major powrs round the clock for two years and resisted for each word and sentence of it so that context of the deal was achieved. No one can claim throughout history that the context of the deal is inconsistent with dignity and majesty of Iranian nation. You do see that whole the world and all countries, excluding an illegitimate regime and a number of extrimists inside the US, have been humble before the agreement, taking it as a move in line with international peace.’


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