At least 107 people, including Iranian, killed as crane crashes on pilgrims in Mecca (+Photos)

At least 107 people, including an Iranian citizen, are killed as a crane falls on Hajj pilgrims in the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi sources said on Friday that strong winds and storm had brought the crane down. At least 238 people have also been injured.

Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization also announced that 25 Iranian nationals were among the injured pilgrims.

The Saudi Civil Defense authority confirmed the incident and casualties on Twitter.

Witnesses say dozens of ambulances have arrived at the scene to remove the injured.

There have been a number of construction projects in the holy city of Mecca over the past few years. They are aimed at enlarging the Grand Mosque and its surrounding courtyards.

The accident happened at a time when hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims are flocking to the holy city to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

By Press TV