Iran, Venezuela stress expansion of bilateral ties

Tehran, Sept 6, IRNA — Head of the Presidential Office Mohammad Nahavandian in a meeting with Venezuelan Vice-President for Economy Rodolfo Marco Torres underlined the need for the further expansion of Tehran-Caracas relations.

‘The good cooperation between the two countries should also expand in cultural and scientific fields in addition to the economic domains,’ Nahavandian said.

The top Iranian official lauded Venezuela’s stepping in the path of economic development as positive, and said, ‘Reducing reliance on oil should be prioritized by the economies which rely on oil.’

Nahavandian pointed to the problems caused by the West’s oppressive sanctions imposed against Iran, and said, ‘Iran managed to considerably reduce the inflation rate and turn the negative growth into positive growth rate by minimizing the damages to the oil market fluctuations in the country and helping to the national integrity.’

The head of presidential office reminded the coordination between the oil producers and exporters for stability in the market, and said, ‘The rights of the oil producing countries and the possibility for planning the economic development with uncalculated and non-coordinated measures.’

The Venezuelan vice-president, for his part, described Iran as Venezuela’s intimate friend and referring to his meetings with the senior Iranian officials, Torres said, ‘During the meetings, the most important programs for the development of Tehran-Caracas relations were explored.’

The Venezuelan vice-president also submitted President Nicolas Maduro’s written message to President Rouhani, and underlined the need for a balance in the oil market and collective cooperation in this field.