Iran Air Force massive 2-day maneuver ends in Isfahan

Iran’s Air Force has wrapped up a massive two-day maneuver in the central province of Isfahan, Press TV reports.

On Sunday, the drills came to an end at Shahid Babaee Air Base, 15 kilometers east of the city of Isfahan, after the aircraft participating in the maneuver pounded simulated targets in the nearby town of Anarak.

Iran Air Force Second-in-Command Brigadier General Alireza Barkhor

“The drill is a routine practice aimed at enhancing the readiness of our personnel under real circumstances. The military exercises were conducted in a 400,000-square kilometer area. The target area is 7,000 square kilometers located in Anarak, south of the city of Isfahan,” senior Air Force commander Brigadier General Alireza Barkhor told Press TV.

During the exercises, Iran’s latest military achievements, especially in indigenous electronic warfare, were put to test with an aim to raise the country’s power of deterrence.

The equipment used in this drill has been domestically produced or modified and upgraded by Iranian experts, said Brigadier General Masud Ruzkhosh, the spokesman for Iranian Army’s Air Force. “This drill is being watched by regional and other countries and their military experts are analyzing our performance. This massive drill is only a small part of our Air Force capabilities.”

According to reports, the electronic warfare systems such as long-range search radars capable of detecting missile launchers, stealth aircraft and drones were tested and operated successfully.

Moreover, air to air rockets capable of hitting high-speed aerial targets in different altitudes, radar missiles, and several domestically manufactured rockets and bombs were unveiled on the second day of the maneuver.

Tehran says the maneuver, one of the biggest of its kinds carried out by the Iranian army’s Air Force, is intended to spread the message of security and stability throughout the region, stressing that Iranian military programs serve solely defensive purposes.

By Press TV