Iran donates doll to war-stricken Syrian, Palestinian children

Tehran, September 5, The Iran Project – Iranian dolls which had been designed and made in the ‘Silent Doll’ campaign were donated to the Palestinian and Syrian war-torn children in Damascus.

According to Tasnim News Agency, the ceremony for delivering the cloth dolls made by the Silent Doll Campaign to the war-stricken children of Palestine and Syria was held yesterday in Damascus in collaboration with the International Union of Unified Ummah, and the local group of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The ceremony, titled “Smile dandelions”, attended by more than 150 war-stricken children of Palestine and Syria that painted some pictures to thank the Iranian donors.

It is worth mentioning that the Silent Dolls Campaign was formed last summer at the same time with the culmination of the Zionist regime’s crimes and violent attacks in the Gaza Strip as well as their brutal killing of people specially the children.