Royan Int’l congress on reproductive biomedicine

The 16th Royan International Congress on reproductive biomedicine, and stem cells biology and technology, (September 2 -4) is underway at Tehran’s Razi International Conference Center.

Over 200 eminent scholars from 47 countries including the US, China, India, Italy, Germany and Japan are attending, IRNA reported.

Nearly 204 research projects were submitted to the festival secretariat, said Hamidreza Gurabi, head of Royan Institute.

The projects were perused by 160 national and international experts who selected five international and two national research works for funding.

Also, 515 articles were received by the secretariat, of which 72 will be presented at the congress, and 30% of the papers were submitted by foreign scholars, he added.

Using the latest methods of infertility treatment, review of new therapies in treatment of patients with poor ovarian response, new diagnostic methods, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent spontaneous miscarriages, are topics to be discussed at the confab.

Royan Institute is a non-profit organization established in 1991 as a research institute for reproductive biomedicine and infertility treatment.

In 1998, the institute was approved by the Ministry of Health as a stem cell-based research center. Today, it leads in stem cell research and is one of the best for infertility treatment.

Royan comprises three research institutes, each focused in different fields of research including stem cell biology and technology, reproductive biomedicine, and biotechnology.

By Financial Tribune