Israel, great danger to world peace: British MP

London,Sep 4, IRNA — Baroness Tonge, a senior British MP, expressed her absolute abhorrence of Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to London and said that Israel is a great danger to world peace and stability and that the British public don’t want him to come to thier land.

Following is the full text of an exclusive interview with Jennifer Tonge, a senior British MP at the house of Lords, conducted by IRNA London:
Q. How would you describe Britain’s position towards Israel?
A. I think its very compliance, very conciliatory and very depressing for those of us who know the terrible abuse of human right and the abuse of international law that is carried out by Israel.
I just don’t know why our government is behaving like this? There are some indications on why this has happened. When you see that the director conservative friend of Israel Stuart Pollack has been pushed in to the house of Lords; they do seem to have the most enormous influence over our government in the same way that AIPAC has over the American government.
It seems to me that they (government) feel the policy should be to encourage Israel as much as possible and condemn them as little as possible. That is what I find utterly depressing; when it is obvious that Netanyahu leads a government which is a Zionist government and it is doing untold damage to Palestinian rights and is gradually taking over the entire area for itself with no regards for the Palestinians.
I am deeply ashamed that my government is behaving as it is.
[Even] during the Gaza war in 2014 – the fair way of describing it would be the “attack on Gaza” – the Prime Minister did not even call it disproportionate; he only said that Israel had a right to defend itself from the rockets and tunnels created by Hamas.
The whole situation, from my point of view looks like the Israelis through the lobbies in this country have far too much influence on our government and I find that very worrying; just as I know many Americans worry that the same thing is happening in America.
Q. How about the public opinion in Britain? Are they pro-government?
A. No! The government is flying in the face of public opinion. I think the last opinion poll Europe-wide was that over 70% of people thought that Israel was the aggressor and was a danger to world’s peace; and I think most British people think that now. The trouble is that they are powerless to do not do anything about it.
Q. Almost 100 thousand people signed a petition to arrest Netanyahu on his arrival, but the British government refused to do so. What is your opinion on this?
A. Shock and horror. I think the present Israeli government is a real danger to world peace and has build up the most enormous hostility to itself and also anyone who supports them worldwide. I do not know why we are doing this; unless it is some personal interest that we don’t know about. It seems to me the most ridiculous policy if we concern ourselves with world peace.
On one hand there has been an agreement with Iran which is really good news and the government goes along with America, saying yes this deal with Iran is a good thing, on the other hand we are going to welcome Netanyahu, who is a great danger to world’s peace, to our country even though there is a huge petition for his arrest when he comes here and the British public don’t want him here.
Q. ‘Tony Blair’ has invited ‘Khalid Mashal’ to UK. What is your thought on this?
A. I do not have a high regard for Tony Blair. But he did similar things with Northern Ireland; he was very good at getting behind the lines when we were trying to get peace in Northern Ireland and making sure that all parties were included.
I know he has been talking to Khalid Mashal recently and am very pleased about that.
Q. What is your opinion about Vienna deal between Iran and the P5+1?
I am absolutely delighted that this deal has been done. It is a good deal with thought and it should work; I think it is a very good news and was long overdue.
I did not understand why Iran has been out in the cold; it is a beautiful and amazing country. It doesn’t matter what Israel says, the world community is saying never mind about you. This is what is going to happen and I think this is a very positive thing that has happened.