SL receives officials of Iran’s Assembly of Experts

Supreme Leader: Officials should strongly respond to US rhetorics

Tehran, Sept 3, IRAN – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Thursday and officials should give strong response to rhetorics of US officials and the people must not to be deceived by smile of the enemy.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with members of Assembly of Experts.

Assembly of Experts should be manifestation of Islamic democracy and should bring calmness and tranquility to the society, said the Supreme Leader.

All officials including members of the Assembly of Experts should exercise vigilance not to be trapped by the plots hatched by arrogant powers and merely focus on rendering services to nation, said the Supreme Leader.

Enemies spare no efforts to dictate own literature on the governments in order to influence their decisionmaking procedures, said the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader expressed regret that In the literature of global hegemony, concepts such as terrorism and human rights have special meanings.

In their definition, the consecutive six-month long bombardment of residential areas in Yemen and carnage of Yemeni civilians have nothing to do with terrorism and suppression of people in Bahrain is not regarded as violation of human rights, said the Supreme Leader.

In their literature, the legitimate defense of resistance groups in Lebanon and Palestine are labeled as terrorism but the atrocities of suppressive governments in the region and US allies never violate human rights, said the Supreme Leader.

‘In the US literature, assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists is not terrorism although the Zionist regime and a number of European countries explicitly have confessed to their role.’

The Supreme Leader made clear that those who ignore independence in fact are against freedom.

‘Iranian people in the past 36 years could successfully adopt and Islamic method of living which brought them unity and helped them attain significant success and economic development.’

Iran’s success to attaining its real status was very costly for global arrogance and to the same reason they do their utmost to prevent the country’s all-out progress, said the Supreme Leader.

Countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran play leading role in eradication of hegemony and blasphemy, said the Supreme Leader.You should not be deceived by the enemy’s smile or their short-time assistance but you always should be vigilant to thwart their plots, said the Supreme Leader.

Enemy and global arrogance are not lipservice but in fact they are now emerging in the form of US administration and Zionist companies and cartels, said the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader invited all experts and intellectuals to express their views on legal aspects of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action and believes that Majlis should also consider it as well, said the Supreme Leader.

‘I give no suggestion to Majlis to ratify or reject JCPOA and it is among the responsibility of the Majlis representatives to study it and make proper decision,’ said the Supreme Leader.

Referring to nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1, the Supreme Leader said in fact the US is the main party in our talks but the US officials talk very improperly and should mind their words, said the Supreme Leader.

US officials say they are to maintain the framework of economic sanctions against Iran and if they are to maintain sanctions what was the purpose of mutual talks? And this totally was in total contradiction with Iran’s presence in nuclear talks as the main goal was termination of economic sanctions, underlined the Supreme Leader.

‘If we ignored some of our stands and gave them privileges in nuclear talks, it was for termination of economic sanctions and there was no other reason to continue talks and we were able to increase the number of our centrifuges from 19,000 to 50-60 thousands in short run and even continued 20 percent enrichment of uranium and also speed up pace of research and development in the field, said the Supreme Leader.

‘If sanctions are not terminated, there will be no deal and the status of such situation should be clarified,’ said the Supreme Leader.

‘I believe dispute between US officials is real and the route cause of their dispute is open to us’, said the Supreme Leader adding that their rhetorics require an official response and if this to be ignored, their words will be stabilized.

Referring to statements made by US officials to lift sanctions on Iran, the Supreme Leader said it is not true, we have always underlined that sanctions should be terminated and not being lifted.

‘If they are to lift sanctions, we will adopt our measures based on that,’ said the Supreme Leader.